Around The Firm Fall Winter 2017


MRA Around the Firm Events

December 19, 2017

Throughout the year MRA holds monthly culture events to strengthen our team bond and encourage positive change in the community. Take a look at our 2017 Fall and Winter events!

MRA Associates Takes First Place in the Small Company Division at The Fit Company Challenge

On November 4th, MRA Associates participated in the Fit Company Challenge at Kiwanis Park in Tempe, taking first place in the ‘Small Company’ division. Participants performed a wide variety of exercises including inverted rows, burpees, kettle bell squats, agility courses, and a three-mile run. Employees who chose not to participate in the physical aspect of the challenge cheered on their team members and kept count of station reps.

All employees who attended the event had a great day working together to compete against other local Phoenix-area companies. We can not wait to compete again next year!


MRA Teams Up Employees with Pet Rescue for Homeless Animals

On November 8th, a group of MRA employees teamed up to help out at a local pet rescue in Phoenix. The Lost Our Home Pet Foundation is dedicated to rescuing pets that have been abandoned or at risk of homelessness. One of their many giving programs includes providing pet care when people find themselves in challenging life situations. The shelter is also one of the only pet rescues in the Valley that allows children under the age of 16 to be a part of their volunteer programs.

The MRA team volunteered their time to walk and socialize with the dogs, to play with cats, and to make treats and toys for all the shelter animals! It was evident by the attitude and positive feedback of our employees that this semi-annual philanthropic event was a favorite of our team.


MRA Associates’ 2017 Holiday Company Potluck

On December 1st, MRA Associates’ employees enjoyed their annual holiday celebration by attending a company potluck at Desert Horizon Park in Phoenix. All employees that attended brought a different dish, sharing their favorite cultural recipes.

A few of the dishes included kielbasa, pizza, tamales, homemade cookies, braised beef, grilled chicken, and homemade mac and cheese. Employees participated in some friendly outdoor games with ladder ball, cornhole, and crochet. Uniquely, the open park environment allowed for all family members to attend, including those with four legs!


Written By

Mark Feldman

MRA Associates

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Our firm is well prepared to continue to serve, support, and advise our clients. Team members have remote access to all systems and processes to ensure continued normal business operations. Please help us to do our part by using telephone and video conferencing for meetings with us until the threat of contagion is significantly reduced.

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