Community Spotlight: The Be Kind People Project


December 15, 2017

A sure way to have a positive, productive, and all around successful day is to interact with individuals who are kind and who treat others with respect. At MRA Associates, we recognize and appreciate the local non-profit organizations that improve our community and make it stronger. The Be Kind People Project™ is a non-profit organization with a vision to build a generation of respectful, healthy, and caring citizens and leaders. MRA Associates Managing Partner, Christina Burroughs serves on the Board of Directors for the Be Kind People Project and is an active volunteer. She encourages the spread of their mission to initiate positive social change for students; to provide a framework that improves academic achievement, interpersonal relationship skills, accountability, behavior, personal health and wellness, and teacher appreciation; and to contribute to the development of enduring personal character values.

The Be Kind Team expands their outreach and strengthens their impact on students with the support of volunteers and sponsors. The organization is always looking for volunteers or donations via the Be Kind People Project website. These contributions inspire thousands of elementary students nationwide to become responsible, respectful, and kind citizens.

Where, when, and how the Be Kind People Project enhances our community?

The majority of the Be Kind People Project services are provided in Title1 schools for the benefit of K-8 students in public, private, and charter schools in traditional, inclusive, and after-school environments. Programs are presented via all-school large assemblies, after-school classes, mentorship, educator professional development, special school and classroom projects, and on a variety of other platforms.

The Be Kind Crew, a large group of talented urban dancers and skilled educators, uses culturally relevant, interactive, and project-based approaches to engage with the students. These programs are special because they enable students to be motivated and take accountability for making respectful, smart, healthy, responsible, and kind decisions.

Following these programs, students are asked to take The Be Kind Pledge and state their commitment to being a Be Kind Kid. The pledge represents the characteristics of kindness and helps students learn how to be encouraging, supportive, positive, helpful, respectful, and a friend in their daily lives.

Below is the Be Kind Pledge:

Be Kind People Programs

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Kind.

Through the upbeat energy of the Be Kind Crew, students, teachers, and families learn how to use the Healthy Habit Checklists, make proper nutrition choices, improve overall fitness, and encourage kind behavior. This interactive, high energy program teaches students what TO do, rather than what NOT to do, by encouraging positive behavior in elementary and middle schools.

What does it mean to Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Kind? To Be Fit means being active at least sixty minutes a day; stretching in the morning and night, and strengthening muscles. To Be Healthy means making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating colorful fruit, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water. To Be Kind means to be kind to each other and to be kind to yourself by celebrating and loving who you are.

Research shows that after a Be Fit Assembly, direct student surveys in classrooms reported 102% increase in positive outlooks and motivation. Similarly, 83% of teachers agree that students with Be Kind Salsa Gardens are more likely to eat fruit/vegetables.

Be Kind Gardens

The Be Kind Gardens allow students to practice healthy habits like growing their own colorful fruits and vegetables. Students learn to love and appreciate fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods. Through interactive and project-based learning, students take ownership in a sustainable project, encouraging student responsibility, leadership, and healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Be Kind Family

Adapted to adults and children, but with the same energy and attitude of the assembly, families are instructed on the principles of nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

Through interactive presentations, families engage in healthy habits and learn how to apply wellness strategies at home. Nutrition education focuses on how to shop and cook with healthy, affordable nutrition in mind. In addition, parents are given shopping and cooking tips with low-cost, nutrient dense recipes.

How to Become Involved

The Be Kind People Project maintains its positive influence on our youth with help from the community. The gifts of time from volunteers and donations from local advocates are always highly appreciated. Due to the kindness of others, the Be Kind People Project provides a framework to instill lifelong values and builds accountability for personal decisions and wellness in students, teachers, and their families.

The organization has reached more than one million students through schools, the community, and online contacts. To learn more about this inspirational non-profit, please click here.

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Mark Feldman

MRA Associates

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