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Linh Nguyen
Tax Associate

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Linh Nguyen is a Tax Associate with MRA Associates. In this role, she prepares and reviews individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns, performs tax research, and provides tax compliance advice.

Prior to joining MRA Associates in 2019, Linh interned as a tax content analyst at Intuit, a tax staff member for Tim Augusten CPA, and a staff accountant for Hoy F. Wong CPA. In those roles, she gained valuable knowledge in analyzing tax data to determine client impact, preparing high net worth individual tax returns, preparing monthly financial statements, and reconciling general ledger accounts. She earned a Master of Science in Accountancy with an emphasis on taxation and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from San Diego State University.

In her free time, Linh enjoys practicing yoga, learning modern dances and a new language, exploring new places, and hiking with friends.

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