families1It is important to have an advisory team that takes the time to understand your goals and benefits of ongoing communication. Our team of experienced professionals, with synergistic and technical backgrounds, is able to facilitate the formulation, implementation, and management of strategies and techniques that lead you to the attainment of your financial objectives by:

  • Defining your financial objectives.
  • Providing a comprehensive team-oriented solution to establish and execute a plan to help you meet those objectives.
  • Employing a vigorous methodology to effectively evaluate investments from a holistic context that encompasses your total portfolio and risk level.
  • Operating independently, never connected to any third party money manager to market their products.
  • Selecting investments for your portfolio from a broad universe of institutional mutual funds, fixed-income instruments, separately managed stock or bond portfolios, exchange-traded funds, and multi-strategy vehicles.

Many factors affect how people reach their financial goals beyond just investment issues. Knowing this requires that a wealth management strategy drives much deeper than traditional investment practices. It requires a proactive, aggressive, holistic approach.

Our Private Wealth Management Services include:

  • Creation of individual and family statements of net worth
  • Portfolio construction based on client goals and risk parameters
  • Portfolio monitoring, management, and performance reporting
  • Risk management and asset protection utilizing insurance reviews and proper titling
  • Cash flow planning and long-term variable outcome planning
  • Estate and gift planning, diagramming and analysis
  • Wealth transfer preparation and education for multi-generational families
  • Tax sensitive investment advice
  • Philanthropic planning