institutions1Our team of highly skilled investment advisors has the expertise and experience to service the unique needs of institutional clients. Since the company’s inception in 1991, MRA Associates has been helping its institutional clients meet their investment objectives by:

  • Investing with the goal of consistent risk-adjusted investment returns
  • Managing expenses
  • Helping fiduciaries manage their responsibilities

Our Institutional Services include:

  • Discovery for objectives and goals
  • Discretionary asset management
  • Portfolio construction
  • Risk tolerance evaluation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Monte Carlo modeling
  • Investment, endowment, and spending policy development
  • Manager search, selection, and retention
  • Fiduciary education
  • Quarterly investment review meetings

Simply stated, we serve these clients as their investment manager. Our discovery process allows us to focus on specific business and portfolio needs to create a customized solution that meets an institution’s objectives. This process allows our team of advisors to evaluate an institution’s risk tolerance, spending policies and goals to construct an investment program that will achieve its objectives.