invAdvMRA Associates provides investment management to individuals, families, corporations, non-profit organizations, and sovereign nations. As stewards of our clients’ wealth, independent objectivity and client-centered advice is the core of our firm. We evaluate the full scope of your investment needs and implement only those strategies that best suit your situation. Our services include:

  • Optimized portfolio construction based on your goals and risk parameters to grow wealth and preserve capital through diversification.
  • Investment analysis that employs a rigorous methodology to effectively evaluate investments.
  • Open architecture, allowing us to use the best available solutions the marketplace has to offer.
  • A customized investment policy statement designed to address the entire scope of your needs.

Our team approach brings innovative collaboration for your benefit resulting in an investment strategy and plan that responds to your specific needs and goals. This consultative team process guides us from the initial implementation of your portfolio to the day-to-day management and ongoing monitoring of the investments.

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Markets

Not all investment markets or asset classes are the same. Some are efficient and some are inefficient. A low-cost, structured approach yields better results within efficient asset classes, while inefficient asset classes present more opportunity to actively add excess return.

Investment Process

Small company and value stocks historically offer more persistent, higher investment returns than large company and growth stocks. Furthermore, from time to time, markets present pricing inefficiencies that can be exploited through proven strategies to achieve relative outperformance.

Risk & Return

Taking risk to improve investment return is both necessary and appropriate, but should be taken intelligently and focused in asset classes where there are greater opportunities for excess returns. Risk should not exceed what is necessary to achieve a client’s needs.

Investment Horizon

Investors who adopt a long-term investment strategy are more likely to achieve consistent premium for their exposure to risk. Attempting to add value or reduce exposure to losses by timing market movements often undermines long-term performance.


A portfolio optimally diversified across the major asset classes provides the opportunity to increase risk-adjusted returns. Diversified implementation by manager and strategy type improves a portfolio’s overall risk/return profile. No single investment management organization is necessarily the best manager for all asset classes.

Operation Costs & Taxes

Minimizing the costs of investing is vital for long-term investment success. Fund expenses, tax implications, and trading costs should always be considered, but should not be the sole driver of investment decisions.

Competencies & Structure

All aspects of a client’s financial situation should be considered when giving advice. While framework and process should be consistent, the advice, solutions, and service must be tailored to each client.