Holistic and Innovative


MRA Associates, we take our responsibility as stewards of our clients’ wealth seriously. There is no one-size-fits-all investment plan, which is why we take such an interest in our clients’ needs and goals, to better provide customized strategies and advice. From initial portfolio creation to the daily monitoring of investments, our team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Our Investment Services Include:

  • Portfolio construction
    • We build your portfolio based on your goals and risk parameters to grow and preserve your wealth. Through diversification, and thoroughly researched and vetted strategies, we craft a portfolio that is uniquely tailored to your situation.
  • Investment Analysis
    • We employ a rigorous methodology to evaluate investments, and our recommendations are always based on what is best for you.
  • Open Architecture
    • Your capital has the best opportunity to grow with access to the best available solutions in the marketplace.
  • Customized Investment Policy Statement
    • We look at the entire scope of your needs to create a policy that addresses the whole goal, instead of individual parts.

Together, with an entire team of experts working on your behalf, we will craft an investment plan that is not only backed by precise research, but also fits your specific needs and goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Markets

Investment markets and asset classes are not created equal. A successful investment for one client may not be efficient for another. That is why our approach is flexible for different clients, embracing a low-cost, structured approach to efficient asset classes, and a more aggressive approach to inefficient asset classes to add excess return.

Investment Process

Our process begins with research, and understanding that small company and value stocks historically offer higher investment returns than large company and growth stocks. We keep an eye on pricing inefficiencies, using proven strategies to exploit such inconsistencies to achieve greater performance.

Risk & Return

Risks are necessary in any investment plan, but every investment should be approached intelligently and at the client’s comfort. We focus on asset classes that offer greater opportunities for excess returns, and never exceed what is necessary to achieve a client’s needs.

Investment Horizon

We believe in taking a long-term investment strategy, as it has been proven to achieve consistent returns. This long-term view fits with our clients’ futures, placing the emphasis on long-term performance over short-term value add.


Our goal is always to improve a portfolio’s overall risk/return profile. This is why we advocate a diversified approach across the major asset classes.

Operation Costs & Taxes

Long-term investment success relies on lowering the cost of investing. While fund expenses, tax implications, and trading costs should not be the sole drivers of investment decisions, we always consider such expenses to strategically invest.

Competencies & Structure

We believe in a holistic approach to a client’s investment portfolio; one that considers all aspects of a client’s financial situation. All of our advice, solutions, and services are tailored to individual clients to ensure we are helping them achieve their unique objectives.