A Trusted Tax Guide

MRA Associates’ holistic approach to wealth management includes appropriate consideration of our clients’ tax matters. We help you to properly navigate the complex world of taxes, which aids your ability to meet your financial goals. Our technical tax skills, in-depth client knowledge, and firm’s deep resources allow us to provide a comprehensive wealth management strategy to help you achieve your desired financial solutions.

The relationships we build with our clients allow us to even better identify tax effective solutions to achieve the following objectives:

  • Integrate tax considerations into your long-term cash flow planning and investment strategy
  • Properly plan and structure transactions to minimize your tax burden
  • Increase cash flow by taking advantage of tax laws, credits, and incentives in your income tax returns

Our Tax Services include:

  • Tax advice and analysis on client investment strategies
  • Sophisticated tax planning and structuring on business dispositions
  • Tax planning and structuring on major transactions
  • Estate and Gift tax planning
  • Year-end and multi-year tax planning
  • Individual tax return compliance
  • Expert tax return compliance for clients’ business endeavors (partnerships, S Corporations, corporations)
  • IRS and state audit defense