Valley of the Sun Arts


February 15, 2018

The Valley of the Sun is one of the top arts and culture communities in the country. From gallery openings to street art and performances, Arizona is a mecca for cultural advancement. While walking downtown, patrons have the opportunity to view a variety of galleries, visit many museums, and attend performances of all kinds.

In fact, our very own Phoenix office hosts the MRA Associates Community Gallery (Click here to find out more about our art gallery). We believe culturally rich and beautiful art created by talented local artists is integral to the expression of who we are, sparks innovation, and is critical for the economic vitality of our community. Our Community Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing the original artwork of local established and emerging artists.

The video below, provided by Arizona Public Service (APS), gives a glimpse into the Valley’s art, culture, diversity, and tradition. Arts and culture enrich Arizona lives and economies. During last year alone, Arizona arts and culture organizations counted over 14,474,660 unique in-person visits to a variety of events, museums, theaters, and more. Support for organizations like APS helps the arts continue to grow and thrive. We encourage you to experience all the culture the Valley has to offer!


Written By

Mark Feldman

MRA Associates