Building A Financial Bridge

Sustainable Growth Built on a Fiduciary Standard of Care

At MRA Associates, we simplify the complicated world of wealth management, private and institutional investment management, and tax compliance. It is you, your advisory team, and your goals. That is it.

We are an independently owned, boutique, registered investment advisor with large firm experience.

We answer to no one but our clients as we provide investment advice, wealth management, and tax compliance and consulting services to individuals and families, corporate retirement plans, endowments and foundations, and sovereign nations throughout the western United States.

MRA Associates has more than $3 billion in assets under management and consultation and a team of more than 40 professionals and support staff. As part of our sustainable model, each team member has the opportunity to become a partner. The associates that our clients work with today comprise the ownership of the future. In this mold of sustainable growth, we invest in the long-term outcomes of our clients. We take a generational outlook for our clients’ planning for many years to come.

Not sure of your goals? We break down all information to the core, establishing short and long-term goals that are in your best interests. MRA understands where you are, discovers where you want to be, and brick by brick, beam by beam, we build the bridge to get you there.

We expect only the best from our employees and for our clients. We have established a fiduciary standard of care as a cornerstone for each financial bridge we build and have earned the prestigious CEFEX certification. This independent assessment recognizes the excellence of firms that adhere to the industry’s best fiduciary practices.

Our firm’s differentiating attributes, the ones that matter most to our clients, prospects, and employees, allow us to stand out in a field that is fiercely competitive. What sets us apart as an advisor is:

    • Our team model, where synergistic solutions are brought together by a comprehensive strategic plan.
    • Our independent, partner-owned structure that allows us the freedom to make decisions exclusively in your best interest.
    • Our commitment to sustainability and stewardship by managing your family’s or institution’s wealth with individualized, proactive planning for today and for future generations.
    • Our commanding belief in a fiduciary standard of care that is the cornerstone of everything we do.


A Lesson In Financial Confidence

The MRA Story

Since our founding in 1991, our firm’s mission has been to provide personalized investment advice in a manner unseen in the industry. We are rooted in providing customized advice and innovative solutions for the benefit of our clients. Every year, we advance in achieving our goals and the goals of our clients.

MRA provides a unique experience in a monotonous industry. Being independently owned, we answer to no one but our clients. Comprised of nine employee owners, our partners bring a diverse collection of expertise and significant industry experience to every client engagement.

At MRA, you will find a passion for excellence, innovation, and relationship building. We expect the best from our employees and for our clients. Working with MRA Associates is a lesson in confidence – confidence in your team, in your future, and in your financial decisions.