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CEFEX Certification

Through decades of experience as advisors to retirement plans, endowments, foundations and family wealth, we understand that establishing trust with our clients is paramount, and we achieve this through consistent processes, transparency and accountability.

MRA Associates has earned the prestigious Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification as an Investment Advisor. This is an independent assessment that helps determine the trustworthiness of investment advisors and recognizes a firm’s adherence to the industry’s best fiduciary practices. It is based on an international standard, and the process for obtaining certification is quite rigorous. MRA Associates was among the first investment advisors globally to successfully complete the independent certification process in 2012, and has been re-certified every year since.

The process and criteria required for MRA Associates to obtain and renew the certification each year, can be found by clicking here.

Our clients benefit from MRA Associates’ CEFEX certification because it independently affirms that we follow a prudent investment process. In essence, you are hiring a firm you can trust, giving you peace of mind and assurance.

Read more about how clients benefit from their advisor’s CEFEX certification by clicking here.  To view and download our CEFEX Advisor Brochure, click here.

Why work with a CEFEX advisor?

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What does it mean for an advisory firm to be CEFEX-certified?

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