Upholding CFA Institute Standards

Our Commitment to our Clients

The CFA Institute has compiled the Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct to outline a set of firm compliance responsibilities. CFA Institute developed the Asset Manager Code in consultation with investors and asset managers. MRA Associates proudly upholds this code and advocates our alignment with the CFA Institute’s professional conduct.

“The body of standards specifies the general responsibilities of managers in the following categories:

  1. To act in a professional and ethical manner at all times
  2. To act for the benefit of clients
  3. To act with independence and objectivity
  4. To act with skill, competence, and diligence
  5. To communicate with clients in a timely and accurate manner
  6. To uphold the rules governing capital markets

In addition, the document offers guidance for all of its proposed requirements” (CFA Institute).

Following this code assures our clients that we are being compliant with establishing and disclosing our risk management process.

What is the Benefit of this Code to Clients?

Many firms have their standards set to guide their work. However, it is problematic for clients to compare different codes and establish key variations within the companies’ level of commitment toward guarding their interests. Instead of evaluating every firm’s code of conduct individually, clients will use the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code to quickly identify firms that commit to a mutual foundation of moral principles (CFA Institute).