Independent and Client-Focused

The Characteristics That Differentiate Our Firm

MRA Associates embraces the core features that set us apart in a fiercely competitive arena. We are proud of the qualities that make us different because they allow us to perform for our clients again and again. These tenets are threaded into the DNA of our firm, ensuring a long-term vision for our company that puts our clients first.



We are 100% partner owned and managed. Nothing stands between our clients’ best interests and our recommendations – they are one and the same.

  • We have the freedom to make decisions that are always exclusively in your best interests.
  • You partner with a team that is continually invigorated by the flexibility and innovation that independence affords.
  • You speak directly with decision makers. Partners share ownership of the firm, and we are committed to continually broaden the ownership through internal staff development.
  • Our recommendations are strategy-based, ensuring that our decisions align with your interests. This helps us meet your specific goals by choosing from a wide range of investment and wealth management options.

Receiving feedback from our clients, employees, and network of professional relationships influences our thinking and actions.



We adhere to the industry’s best fiduciary practices (CEFEX certified).

MRA Associates was founded on a commanding belief in a fiduciary standard of care. The trust you place in our firm is the very cornerstone of MRA Associates. We execute our fiduciary responsibility with unwavering focus and discipline to build client relationships when providing holistic advice to advance your goals. We accomplish this by:

  • Developing an integrated view of your overall financial picture that enables us to make informed and value-added decisions.
  • Being an independent and partner-owned firm means we have the freedom to make decisions that are exclusively in your best interest.
  • Providing you with a unique organizational structure that enables you to work with a high-performance team, from our newest advisors to our most accomplished partners.
  • Ensuring that we are synergistic, efficient, creative, and value-minded.
  • Demanding constant attention to what defines us best: our commitment to assisting our clients reach their financial goals.


strengthWe serve our clients in teams to ensure each client benefits from the firm’s best ideas that are collaboratively vetted, shared, and implemented.

  • We maintain momentum and develop new and innovative solutions for the discerning and sophisticated clients we serve.
  • Our holistic culture of research and discovery, sustained financial performance and stability, and commitment to best practices reflects the optimum model for both your growth and ours.
  • By employing a team model to help you reach your financial goals, we incorporate the distinct talents of multiple professionals. Our professionals construct and manage all of the available investment and wealth management solutions to generate better ideas and reach balanced decisions to meet your objectives.
  • We seek professionals who resonate with our culture and participate in developing the strategic direction and ultimately, ownership of the firm.



Our firm is built to be here as an independent advisory firm for future generations. We are built on the premise that our younger team members will be the next generation of partners.

  • Our actions have a profound impact on how we meet our business goals and strategic and financial objectives.


Our firm is managed with the care and respect of stewards, where the decisions of our owners are made for the long-term benefits to our people and clients, at the sacrifice of short-term benefits to the owners. This is our stewardship principle.

  • Every professional at MRA Associates is a steward to our legacy of service and reputation as trusted fiduciaries.
  • Our success has been and will continue to be dependent on the trust you place in us. Everything we do—every piece of advice we provide, every investment we manage, and every interaction in which we take part—serves to strengthen our commitment to stewardship and sustainability.